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What is J.Staab Music?

My goal was to create a hub where I can share all of the creative things I love to produce and to make it easier for me and my lesson students to function efficiently. So, I created this website!

Here, you will find all of the music I write and the video content I create, as well as blogs, Live streams, premium content downloads, members only areas, and a fully functional shop. 

Looking for lessons?

Well, I have worked extremely hard in creating a system that will ensure the highest quality content and education for you or your child GUARANTEED to provide results.

Taking lessons with me gives you access to:

  • A students only classroom for turning in and reviewing assignments and checking grades or comments

  • A community of students that help each other grow through peer reviews

  • Flexible schedules and budget friendly bundle pricing

  • Loads of free learning materials and resources

  • 24/7 platform for asking questions and submitting videos

  • LIVE performance opportunities every 3 months! 


Still not sure?

 Schedule your FREE 30 minute trial lesson today

and I will show you why taking lessons with me will change your life!

Here are some other really cool features on this website you should know about...

  • Purchases on my website accrue points (called dotted eighth notes, cute right?)

  • You can use these points like cash in the shop or even as credit towards your next lesson!

  • Purchasing lessons either in singles or in bundles also accrues points for you too, so watch those points add up every week! Pretty cool right?

  • A members only area where you can sign up and communicate and share content with other musicians from all around the globe.

  • Earn special badges by participating in forums, blogs, or just by being active. Now everyone can see how cool you really are!

  • Access to my Sunday Special live streams every sunday! (Returning Soon)

     Whether you are here to take lessons, be part of a community, or just to shop around, welcome! I hope that you find what you are looking for and I hope to see you around.


- Joey Staab -

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